The Moon—luminous and maternal—produces no light of her own.  Her gossamer glow is the soft reflection of the sun’s brilliant light.   Like a giant mirror in the heavens—the moon reflects the radiance of the sun shining upon her.   

The Luna pendant embodies the reflective nature of the moon with two diamond stars at her side. 

May this pendant remind you of God’s love and light shining on you as you reflect the luminous beauty of your soul to the world.

A smaller variation on our Mezzaluna pendant,  Luna can be layered with other treasured necklaces and looks beautiful on her own.


14k yellow gold with brushed satin finish
2 bezel set white diamonds .95CTS
21mm custom antique reproduction mirror slice
18” 14k gold adjustable diamond cut beaded chain
Engraved eye with burnished diamond on back

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