Mother’s Day, Graduations and The Start of Something New

April 26, 2019

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  My middle daughter Sophie is graduating from college on Mother’s Day this year.  As a proud Momma, I can’t think of a better way to spend my special day than celebrating the culmination my daughter’s hard work and accomplishments as we mark the start of the next chapter in her life!

When my oldest daughter Lucy graduated from high school, my desire to give her a meaningful gift inspired me to design my first piece of jewelry.  At the time I was reading a book by Fr. Richard Rohr, in which he described a walking meditation wearing a mirror medallion as a way to receive and reflect God’s love and beauty.  

I designed a pendant necklace made with a fragment of antique mirror, to symbolize her soul, embedded in gold and diamonds, with an “all-seeing eye” representing God, engraved on the back.  Little did I know, but the simple desire to give my daughter a meaningful piece of jewelry was the start of something new for me:  a whole new business venture designing and producing fine jewelry!

At its heart, darśana jewelry, is an expression of faith and my belief that everyone has a priceless inner beauty seen by God, the ultimate Eye of the Beholder.  When we’re beheld in God's love, we become like mirrors reflecting our love and beauty to the world. 

This spring, whether you’re honoring a Graduate or Mom or both! – I hope you’ll find a gift that expresses your love and blessings.  If that gift is a piece of darsana jewelry, I hope it will always remind your loved one of the beauty of her soul and how like a mirror, she reflects her beauty to the world.