“Love with a fierceness strong enough to change the world.”

darśana believes in the God given dignity and value of all women. We want to live in a world where every girl is raised with love to see herself as a beautiful woman with promise and purpose.

This is why we are committed to partnering with organizations devoted to rescuing victims of sex trafficking and to the healing and restoration of survivors. We lock arms with modern abolitionists to raise awareness about the critical issue of human trafficking in an effort to save lives and protect vulnerable women and children.

Love is much more than a feeling—it is work, it is action and it is devotion. This is why darśana wholeheartedly donates a portion of our profits to support the brave and life-restoring work of Selah Freedom.

Connect with us to stay updated on darśana’s partnership with Selah Freedom and their fight to rescue women and provide survivors with places of hope, healing and the freedom to reclaim their lives.