About Darśana Jewelry

Jewelry has power. There is no other form of adornment filled with such personal meaning. We wear it close to our skin with an intimacy that becomes a part of us - our story and our legacy.”

– Kathleen Sleigh, founder and designer of Darśana  

The first necklace I designed was a gift for my oldest daughter, Lucy. At the time I was captivated by Richard Rohr's description of a walking meditation wearing a “mirror medallion” as a way of receiving and reflecting God’s love and beauty.

I loved the idea of Lucy and her sisters, Sophie and Vivi, each wearing their very own “mirror medallions” made with fragments of silvered mirror set in gold, scattered with diamonds and engraved with a hidden “all-seeing eye”. The simple desire to give my daughters a meaningful piece of jewelry eventually led me to found darśana, a collection of fine jewelry symbolizing an empowering spiritual message.

At its heart, Darśana is an expression of my faith and the belief that everyone has a priceless inner beauty seen by God, the ultimate Eye of the Beholder.  It's a  beauty born of God and reflected in the good we bring to the world – the things we create, the people we love, the wounds we heal and the sacrifices we make.   When we are beheld in God's love, we become like mirrors reflecting our love and beauty to the world.

I hope your piece of Darśana will be a deeply personal talisman connecting you to the flow of receiving and reflecting love and beauty in the way you were always meant to see and be seen.

Darśana's mission is to be a creative enterprise contributing to a more just and beautiful world. We are committed to producing fine jewelry that is socially responsible, upholding ethical manufacturing practices.  A portion of our profits are contributed to organizations in support of residential care and restorative programs for Chicago area survivors of sex trafficking.