Kintsukuroi is the Japanese technique of restoring broken pottery with lacquered gold.  This exquisite form of art is based in ‘wabi sabi’— the philosophy of finding beauty in broken things.

Like a piece of kintsukuroi, the pendant’s scattered diamond baguettes appear like fragments of broken glass mended together with gold.

Perfection is a fragile kind of beauty, diminished with the slightest break or flaw.   But when we’re broken we lean on faith and love to bind us back together, making us resilient, strong and more beautiful for our brokenness.

  • 14k yellow gold brushed satin finish
  • (14) white diamond tapered baguettes  .14CTS
  • Custom antique reproduction mirror slice
  • 18” 14k yellow gold adjustable diamond cut .9mm cable chain
  • Engraved eye with burnished diamond on back

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