Sophie means “Wise One."

Wisdom isn’t always big, bold and serious.  It’s often found in the quiet, unassuming and winsome ways of humility and devotion.  There is wisdom in simplicity and patience—knowing deep down you are loved and you are beautiful.

A tiny oval mirror slice surrounded in brilliant pave diamonds makes a powerful yet delicate statement.  Sophie is an stunning necklace that can be worn as a collar or adjusted to wear as a choker. 


  • 14k gold with brushed satin finish
  • 24 1mm white pave diamonds .13 CTS
  • 6mm custom antique reproduction oval mirror
  • (2) 13” 14k gold diamond cut beaded chains with 2" adjustable chain and bar clasps 
  • Engraved eye with burnished diamond on back

available in
  • 14k yellow gold white diamonds
  • 14k white gold white diamonds
  • 14k white gold brown diamonds

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